Life Mortgage and 
Real Estate Officers Council

About Us

We are a non-profit trade association of life insurance companies engaged in commercial real estate lending.  Our purpose is to meet regularly to discuss issues impacting the commercial real estate industry, including recently enacted, pending and proposed legislation, economic and demographic trends that affect the health and vitality of the commercial real estate market, and to build relationships across the industry.

As a trade association, each of our members and the companies they represent is committed to adhering strictly to the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws.  Our meetings are designed soley to provide a forum for the expression of various points of view on topics described in the agendas for such meetings.  Under no circumstances are such meetings intended, nor shall such meetings be used, as a measn for competing companies to reach any understanding, expressed or implied, which restricts competition or in any way impairs the ability of participating members or the companies they represent to exercise independent business judgment regarding matters affecting competition. 


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